Sandwich panel for partition walls and cold chambers , doors, windows, curtains, etc ...

Supply and installation service for all types of installation relating to the sanitary industry, in particular the food sector, provided by in-house teams

1.- Sandwich panels for refrigerating chambers of preservation or freezing

2.- Partitioning enclosure sandwich panels with a polyester or smooth or ribbed lacquer finish.

3.- Pivoting or sliding doors for preservation or freezing chamber with a smooth, ribbed, lacquer, stainless steel or PVC finish.

 4.- Service doors (pivoting, sliding or swinging) with a smooth, ribbed, lacquer, stainless steel or PVC finish

 5.- High-speed doors

 6.- Aluminium carpentry windows on panel wall

 7.- Strip curtains for chambers and for room temperature.


Films for the coating of crystals for solar control, protection, privacy, decorative, etc ...

These are sheets made up of a combination of metalized polyester films that incorporate a special adhesive that adheres to glass via chemical means, becoming as one with it.

It is easy, fast and clean to install, and does not require to previously disassemble the pane for its installation.

These products have multiple qualities that result in greater comfort, privacy, security, decoration and economy for energy savings resulting from solar control.