Plate and profile schemes

PLATE Thickness 2.4 mm

2DP260 - Plate 260 cm
2DP300 - Plate 300 cm

Profiles in 3 m strips

2DJE - J closing ends (Wide 17mm)

2DJA - J closing finishes (final)

2DH - Profile H plate prolongation (Wide 40mm)

3IDC - Corner bracket (50 x 50 mm)

Finished profile and corner closure

Fixed with 9CNC shown below next to the solid skirting

3IDCR   - Sanitary round edge (Wide 60 mm)

3IDCRS - Round edge support

Closing profile for corners and wall / ceiling connection finish

3IDR  - Sanitary solid skirting (High 45mm)

9CNC - Short nylon nail

Round sanitary floor finish